Your Word is a Lantern to my Feet


Hello my friend. This Bibleartjournal Page is about Psalm 119 Verse 105.

Your word is a lamp for my feet,
    a light on my path.”

I always had this picture in my mind about that scripture of a shoe with a lamp hung on it so I wanted to do that entry about it.img_5501_lang


First I decided where to draw the foot with the lantern and sketched it with a pencil. If you don’t know how to draw a foot you can always google for pictures and trace it onto the bible page. After the sketching I traced it with a black pen and then colored them with Prisma colored pencils. With masking fluid that I got from my local craft store I covered the foot and the shoe with the lamp to do the background with Distress Inks. But before that I made a mask with masking paper around the bible verse so it wouldn’t be covered with a dark color. When working with Distress Ink you have to use a round blending foam to avoid hard edges. Also tap some of the color off before moving it to your page and at first barely touch the page with soft circling motions.

Around the lamp I took yellow and then the further off from the lamp the darker the blue I used and I ended with black. I tried not to get too heavy handed with the color so the text can still be read. If you have a bible with thinner pages and are afraid you get bleed trough you can work in stages and dry the Distress Ink in between. I would not recommend using Gesso because Distress Inks loose their bright color and smear much easier on it. When I had finished the dark background I removed the mask over the verse and highlighted it with the same yellow color I used around the lamp. After the whole picture was finished like that I used a gold gel roll pen and hand lettered “Your Word is a Lantern to my Feet”.

I colored a tab from Illustrated Faith with yellow. Because I used Distress Ink for that and a mini round blending foam it isn’t precise enough to do directly on the sticker sheet so I stuck it to an acetate where I colored it and wrote “Lantern” on it. With the tab it’s much easier to find the entries you did. And then I wrote the date so I would always know when I did that entry andimg_5499_lang

What I learned from it

To me this scripture is very important because I know that I have life to the full if I follow His word. That doesn’t mean that I will never suffer or go through difficult times. All of the disciples of Jesus did. But that even in my worst times I’m better off just because I have Him at my side and He gives me the strength to stand up and try again and again if need be.

It also means to me that there is always light enough before my feet do see my next step. Even if it is a hard step do go or a struggle just to lift my foot there is light enough that I can see where my next step is going though I might never see the whole path.img_5500_lang

Thank you for reading my first blog entry and see you soon


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