My Time is in Your Handstime-full


This is a very easy page to do. First I used a stencil with distress ink and a blending tool for the background. I regret, that I used clear gesso first because distress ink is really beautiful and much more versatile without page preparation. The gears are from a stamp witch I stamped on a separate piece of paper and colored with distress ink and a blending tool.  Then I fussy-cut them out and used a darker distress ink on the edges. The clocks are cut from a pattern paper but you could use some open stock pictures you find online and print those out. I cut them out and used again some distress inks with a blending tool so they would match better with the rest of the page. I stuck everything down with some matt medium including the clock I used as a tab. Then I hand-lettered the verse from the bible “My time is in your hands” and wrote the date.time-detail-clock

What I learned from it

I wanted to do this page because I tend to try and force my time plan or time table on God. I sometimes think that it would be better if everything just worked my way. Of course just at the time that I want it to work. But He who made me who I am knows so much better when and what I need.I need to remind myself that his timing is best and his ways are the best possible ways for me. That I put my trust in a good God and not some idol. Also this verse reminds me that there will be an end to my time on this earth and to use the time that I have in the best possible way with God leading the way.time-detail-lettering-straight

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