This bibleartjournalpage is inspired by a song from ICF Zürich called “Lighthouse”lighthouse-full

I had this die cut of that lovely lighthouse and immediately thought of that song.

It is an easy beginners page apart from the handlettering. If you don’t feel confortable with your own handwriting you can just use stamps or stickers.

First I die cut the clouds from four different shades of gray to get some menacing clouds and mixed up the colors so that there were never two of the same shade next to each other. I tried to use more of the darker colors to match the songtext. Then I decided where I wanted the die cut of the lighthouse and stuck the clouds down. From some scraps of the same gray papers I cut the cliff and some lighter and darker areas to get some interest. Then I stuck everything down. With a pencil I wrote the text to get the placement right and traced over it with my black pen. You could use any black pen you have for that. I really wanted to have some silver words to go with the songtext (“the silver lining in the sky”) but I did not have a silver pen so I decided to use a glue pen and silver embossing powder to do some lettering. If you do this, you have to be careful not to put too much of the glue down or your embossing powder will start to bubble like you see in the word hope. And that was the whole design. I did no tab or date this time before I took the picture because I could not decide where and how I wanted it lighthouse-detail-top

What I learned from it

This song is very close to my heart. It describes so great the hope we have in Him. Even when everything is dark and there seems to be no way at all in the dusk of this world. He will never leave us and lights up a lighthouse just to guide us. He never promised us easy ways or that we will live without any troubles but He promised us to to be there with us till the end of this world. And then there is just the question what do I do with it. Do I hold on and trust that He will do the best thing in that situation or do I think that I know what’s best.lighthouse-detail-bottom

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