Headphones of God


Hello friends. Because I wanted to use my zig clean color real brush markers on this page I had to prepare the page first. Those markers bleed through the page if you don’t use a medium underneath. And much more important to me, they don’t blend on the unprepared page. So I applied some clear gesso with a blending foam, dried it and put on a second coat. Then I sketched some headphones. If you feel, that that’s to hard for you, you can always use a reference picture or find an open stock picture to trace into your bible. After the sketch I traced it with a waterproof pen since my markers are water-based and I didn’t want the lines to run. I erased the pencil lines and then started coloring the headphones in.

With those markers you want to start with the darkest color and make your way to the lightest. I used a black and some grey markers for the rest of the headphones. When everything was colored I scribbled some marker onto an acrylic block and used my water-brush to make some splatters since the page was looking a bit plain to me. I sped up the drying process with my heat-gun because those markers smudge when they are not completely dry. (In the end I used a fixative over top of it just to be safe)


Then I got out my alphabet stickers and chose some that went well with my headphones. I put them down and made a spelling mistake at “phones” because I wanted to write it from the back because of the spacing.  Luckily I noticed my mistake and was able to correct it. Afterwards I chose a tab and wrote “Headphones” on it and drew some little headphones next to it. As a finishing touch I used my date-stamp and some phrase stickers. The word sticker I colored in with one of the reds I used on the headphones to carry the color over the whole page.headphones-closeup-2

What I learned from it

This page stems from a message at a conference. There Matthew Barnett (founder of dream center in LA) spoke about his struggles as a very young pastor and that he had to learn to “Put on the Headphones of God” so he couldn’t hear what people around him told him that he couldn’t do. Instead he learned to listen to the voice of God who told him that all things are possible with Him on his side.

We live in a world where it is very important what people think. I believe that I let myself quite often discourage because of what is “possible” in the world and I want to remind myself that I have a God who does impossible things.

There is this phrase I carried around in my heart for a week or so:”Perhaps You have been assigned this mountain so you can show others it can be moved.” I want to show people that this mountain can be moved with Christ.

I like this entry a lot because it always reminds me that I want to please God and not the people.

See you soon, Ruth

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