Gift Bag Decoration for Fallimg_5535_big

Hello my friend. Here comes an easy DIY gift bag decoration for you to get creative with your kids. I let our daughter decorate this gift bag for my sisters birthday and I think it turned out great.


You need plain paper bags which can take the color of your choice well. I used craft paper bags and gouache for mine but you could easily take your kids watercolors or any other color you might have on hand. And an old toothbrush.

img_5531Since our daughter is only two and a half years old I took masking paper to cut out leaves so they won’t move. But you could go collect some leaves in the forest and use removable adhesive if your kids are older. Put one or more leaves down on the bag not overlapping and use the toothbrush to get fine color splatters around it. You can also do brush strokes from the inside of the leaves out to get better edges. When you think it is enough put on the next leaf and splatter the next color (or the same) and so on. If you used masking paper as a mask take care to dry the bag completely before you try to take the masks of because they will tear if they are still wet.img_5533

This is just an easy way for your kids to contribute something to a gift for a loved one and makes the wrapping extra special.

Till the next time, Ruth

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