Hi there. My name is Ruth Meder and I am on my very own adventure with Jesus since I was a little child. He has blessed me with a wonderful husband, two amazing kids and the opportunity to be a stay-home mum. I was born and live in Switzerland which I love. I like to be creative, bake, cook, read, sing, watch movies or sit in a nice cafe with a friend. I also like to travel and see the stunning landscapes our creative God chiseled all over earth for us. My sisters got me into “traditional crafting” with the stamps and the pattern papers and such for Card making and I like it very much and I can use all those supplies in my bible too. You will still see me doing cards sometimes on this blog. But then I discovered

Bible Art Journaling

And my heart was on fire. I started to be creative at quite a young age but I never got my creativity and my faith so close together as in Bible Art Journaling. I do Bible Art Journaling because it’s a way of connecting with God like nothing else ever let me connect with Him. It makes me want to spend time in the Word the whole time and my mind is nearly always full with scriptures and new ideas for Bible Art Journaling. It is so much fun and keeps me close to my Fathers heart. Bible Art Journaling is the creative expression of ones journey with God. It might be in a Bible or an Art Journal or even in your planer. And all you need to start is a pen, paper (or a bible) and the courage to start. Doodle or write down whatever God is laying on your heart. Spend time with him and explore what you like and what you don’t like. Never be ashamed of your work or discouraged because you see someone else’s picture of a layout you think you could never do. Instead let yourself be inspired by others and rejoice in the difference God has created in all of us. Because You are You and You do You in your time with Him. I try to give you some inspiration what you could do in my posts but this is about you and your God and not about a perfect looking bible.

There are pages in my Bible that I don’t share on social media because I feel they are just for me. A reminder of that particular moment when God showed me something I never noticed before. So don’t feel like you have to share or you have to do this in a specific way. Just get a pen out and start. Right now!